Proton PEM electrolyzer

Proton PEM electrolyzer

Proton PEM electrolyzer


The PEM electrolyzer provides a superb platform for numerous applications and its modular design makes it an excellent option for small to large-scale industrial solutions. Containerized for reliable, turn-key outdoor installations with minimal maintenance and including all sub-process equipment including hydrogen purification and a PLC control system.

PEM electrolyzers are an option for traditional industries but can also be applied to renewable energy hydrogen generation, as part of the hydrogen infrastructure system for a hydrogen refuelling station, used in the field of transportation, power storage, intelligent micro-grid and other specialist fields.

The suitability of PEM electrolyzers for use with renewable energy sources for hydrogen production, combined with the use of pure water rather than electrolytic solutions simplifies the process, leads to higher hydrogen purity and offers truly green hydrogen production. Compared with the Alkaline-type H2 generator, it can be operated at high current densities, which can result in reduced operational costs and electrolytic efficiency up to 85% or better.


For more models please contact: sales@water2h2.com

Hydrogen production rate (Nm3/hour | kg/hour) per electrolyzer50 | 4.5100 | 9.0200 | 18.0
Hydrogen pressure (bar), adjustable151515
Hydrogen purity (%) with optional purification>99.999>99.999>99.999
Hydrogen dew point (°C)-70-70-70
Oxygen purityless than 2 ppmless than 2 ppmless than 2 ppm
Production Capacity Dynamic Range 0-100 % of flow range0-100 % of flow range0-100 % of flow range
Power consumption (kW/Nm3)≤4.30≤4.30≤4.30
Stack at 100% load:
Power consumption (kW/Nm3)4.304.304.30
Efficiency HHV (%) at full stack load828282
Total system at 100% load with auxiliary
Power consumption (kW/Nm3)
Efficiency HHV (%)68.0068.0068.00
Electrical interface3 phase 415 VAC +/- 10 %, 50-60 Hz.3 phase 415 VAC +/- 10 %, 50-60 Hz.3 phase 415 VAC +/- 10 %, 50-60 Hz. 6.6kv
230VAC, 1 phase
Water intake (liters/Nm3)111
Water quality (µS/cm)<1<1<1
Communication interfaceEthernet/Can-busEthernet/Can-busEthernet/Can-bus
Control softwareSiemens/AB/Modicon Siemens/AB/ModiconSiemens/AB/Modicon
Ambient temperature skid frame (°C)-20–+40-20–+40-20–+40
Skid frame measurements
Skid frame weight (kg)
Expected stack service life (years)151515

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