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We provide hydrogen equipment at the best cost/quality ratio

With world’s largest manufacturing base in terms of production for Alkaline and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) water electrolyzers we offer you the best cost/quality ratio and conversion efficiency in the industry. All solutions are available in standardized, modular configurations for maximum flexibility and scalability. We offer green hydrogen production through catalytic steam reforming of biogas. Water2H2 is your green hydrogen supplier. We partner with our clients to design and implement the most optimal gas supply solution in terms of costs, safety, and reliability.

Skid mounted or containerized

PEM Electrolyzers

Our PEM megawatt electrolyzer provides the lowest investment cost with its modular design for large-scale industrial applications. We have solutions to be applied for the renewable energy industry,  infrastructure system for a hydrogen refueling station, natural gas mixed with hydrogen, power storage, intelligent micro-grid and other special fields. 

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Skid mounted, integrated or containerized

Alkaline electrolyzers

We offer three solutions: Skid mounted up to 1500Nm³/h per single electrolyzer, compact integrated models up to 15Nm³/h per single electrolyzer and containerized generator with flow of H2 up to 100Nm³/h. All units can operate standalone or clustered to meet required volumes of green hydrogen up to multi-MW scale.  For each solution we can tailor delivery to any customer requirement, from complete installation of the entire electrolyzer plant, to delivery of specific modules according to customer preferences.

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Skid mounted, integrated or containerized

Steam Methane Reforming

We offer two solutions based on Swedish  Metacon’s patented catalytic, flame-less steam reforming: Compact plate reformers configured as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units power powered by biogas, methane or ethanol or tubular reformers designed for industrial hydrogen production with capacity up to 500 Nm3/h.

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H2 station

Hydrogen Refueling Station

Fueling of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) with high-pressure hydrogen filling equipment for refueling station, winner of Beijing winter 2022 Olympic games refueling stations tender, EU and USAM certified, compliant with IEC 61511.

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