Hydrogen Refueling Station

Hydrogen Refueling StationHydrogen Dispenser

H2 Station

The advantage is compact structure, factory manufacturing and installation guaranteeing quality, saving a lot of land, reducing investment costs, and is safe and reliable, which is conducive to operation and maintenance.
The main equipment of containerized hydrogen filling unit is composed of unloading module (unloading hydrogen from long pipe trailer), compressor module, hydrogen dispenser module, sequence control module, safety control module, container body module, etc. The containerized hydrogen filling unit adopts the external hydrogen supply as the hydrogen source. The hydrogen in the long pipe trailer is compressed to 45MPa by a high-pressure compressor through the unloading module. The compressed high-pressure hydrogen is then stored in the external hydrogen storage cylinder group through the sequence control module or directly supplied to the hydrogen filling unit module. The sequence control module is used to realize the hierarchical hydrogenation mode control function. By monitoring the hydrogen pressure of each channel entering the sequence control module, the hydrogen pressure of the outlet is coordinated to meet the rapid and efficient hydrogen filling. The unloading module contains two sets of unloading channels to meet the hydrogen filling demand during peak hours. The nitrogen purge system is installed in the container for purging the pipeline and supplying the instrument air. The station control system takes the data acquisition control system and the host computer as the core to form an integrated monitoring system. It realizes the monitoring of the whole production process.


Daily Hydrogen Filling Capacity: 100kg/200kg/500kg
Hydrogen Compression:Working pressure 45Mpa/87.5Mpa
Compressor Form: Booster pump / diaphragm compressor
Hydrogen Storage: 45Mpa/87.5Mpa
Ambient Temperature:'-40 -+55 ° C
Hydrogen Filling: Working pressure 35MPa/70MPa
Hydrogen Filling Flow Rate: 0.5~3kg/min
Filling Accuracy: ±1%
Hydrogen Filling Nozzle: Double nozzle single system
Standards:SAE-J2601, SAE-J2799, GB/T30718, GB/T31138 and other domestic and international standards
Approvals:CE marked

Hydrogen Dispenser

 The hydrogen dispenser module is double-nozzle double-sided filling with reasonable structural design, strong operability, simple and elegant appearance, strong sense of science and technology and has double-sided LCD display. It supports IC card, mobile payment and other payment methods. With pull-off valve and hydrogen leak detection device, it has high security in various emergencies. With internal circuit hydrogen-electric isolation, it is intrinsically safe explosion-proof design can meet the explosion-proof requirements of the whole product in Zone 1. The hydrogen filling machine has hydrogen pre-cooling and flow control functions, which can realize safe and rapid filling of high-pressure hydrogen.


Filling Pressure: 35Mpa/70Mpa
Ambient Temperature:-40 -+55 ° C
Working Power 220V ± 15%, 50Hz±1Hz;
TypeDouble nozzle dual metering three line with pre-cooling hydrogen filling machine
Hydrogen Filling Nozzle: Double nozzle TK16/TK25
Hydrogen Filling Flow Rate:not less than 3kg/min;
StandardsSAE-J2601, SAE-J2799, GB/T30718, GB/T31138 and other domestic and international standards
Approvals:CE marked

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