Green hydrogen solutions

World’s largest manufacturing base for Alkaline and PEM water electrolyzers. We sell, install and service on-site installations of electrolyzer and hydrogen refueling stations.


Mark 613, SE-702 86 Örebro, Sweden
E-mail: info@water2h2.com

We provide hydrogen equipment at the best cost/quality ratio

With the world’s largest manufacturing base in terms of production for Alkaline and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) water electrolyzers we offer you the best cost/quality ratio and conversion efficiency in the industry. All solutions are available in standardized, modular configurations for maximum flexibility and scalability. We also offer green hydrogen production solutions through catalytic steam reforming of biogas. We partner with our clients to design and implement the most optimal gas supply solution in terms of costs, safety, and reliability.

Water2H2 is your green hydrogen supplier.



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